25 Under 25—Launching the Photoshop Instagram Channel

When a global brand debuts on Instagram, it’s no small affair. The customers, partners, employees and fans of a 5 billion dollar company expect more than “Here’s our first post!” For Photoshop’s 25th anniversary, we looked to the future and inspired the world by showcasing 25 of the most talented artists under the age of 25. After combing through thousands of portfolios, we selected the group of artists you’ll see featured here to launch the Photoshop Instagram channel.

These extraordinary young creatives hail from 20 countries and 5 continents, and they’ve managed to create stunning works of art that are as different and unexpected as the artists themselves. The Photoshop 25 Under 25 are an exciting example of what the future holds for our industry.  

Armed with Photoshop, each artist created a commemorative poster for the anniversary celebration—the only rule: feature the number 25 somewhere in the artwork. Then each artist took over the Instagram channel for two weeks at a time and showed the world the power of Photoshop—pushing the limits of creativity—and challenging all of us to believe in the seemingly impossible.

With this glimpse into the future of digital art, we inspired thousands through beauty and wonder and in less than a year, quickly grew our audience to over one million followers.