Graphic Johnson

My father was a samurai and my mother was a grizzly. The first lesson in business I learned from my father—former CEO of a small tech company. The word samurai [ 侍 ] means “to wait upon.” It’s about serving people, not money. Take care of your clients, their customers and your employees and the money will follow. It’s this principle which has allowed me to foster client relationships that last and to build brands people love. The first lesson in life I learned from my mother—a tough-as-nails teacher and superintendent for over 40 years. If you’re gonna be a bear, be a grizzly. Be the best that you can be. But remember: the bigger you become the more responsibility you owe to those around you. In my career, I have mentored countless young creatives and account people. It is my personal goal to make sure every single one of them leaves our time together a better person. Now imagine applying this philosophy to a brand and its customers and you’ll see how I can grow an audience for a business. I bring a combination of these unique perspectives into everything I do. So, what can I do for your business?