Updating software is an inopportune chore. People feel no excitement, urgency, or desire to update, because traditional messaging offers no stimulation. So how do we get users to make a move? We seduce them. We appealed to our audience’s love of eccentric behavior, sarcastic humor, and 90’s nostalgia, with a short-released video on Facebook and Twitter. Our video ran for only 15 hours, but it was enough to impassion users to act fast in visiting our custom site at 1-900-U-Update.com. There the joke continued, as users viewed themed video demonstrations of individual features unique to the new update. In the end, Photoshop’s community was titillated enough by our humorous content to undertake the laborious task of moving their mouse and clicking the UPDATE button. For a mere 15 hours the video recieved 150k  views, 2,478 total engagements, 3,005 link clicks, coverage from multiple media outlets and countless “Wait, what did I just see???” audience reactions.