Adobe Photoshop – Collabograms

Nothing is more dangerous than playing it safe—when it comes to creativity, that is. Often, the best ideas are inspired by a new point of view. And being forced out of one’s comfort zone, to see through someone else’s eyes, can be the very thing that breaks down creative boundaries.

For more than 25 years, artists have been using Photoshop to reinterpret the world we live in and redefine what’s creatively possible. But creativity is more than the tools used to create it. So we put our heads together and asked ourselves: how can we push a group of artists to the next level to create art that will inspire us all?

Collaboration + Instagram = Collabograms

The result was #COLLABOGRAMS, a video series in which we paired up unlikely duos who specialize in different kinds of art, and challenged them to create something awesome together. This first duo combined the forces of Ken Davis, a sign painter and goldleaf craftsman with Robert Klem, a tattoo and stained-glass artist. The result was a 10ft homage to the heavy metal legend Lemmy Kilmister.

This unique collaboration was picked up by Juxtapose, BraveWords, Abduzeedo, House of Hair, The 8 Percent, Design Taxi, Ultimate Metal and Rock ‘N Roll Magazine and was even named ADWEEK Ad of the Day. The program has garnered over 2.5M social impressions, over 560K video views and 52K engagements (likes, comments & shares) with 88% positive sentiment.